The missing Conversation Regarding the Death of Trayvon Martin

by Nathan Shapiro

The national response to the shooting of Trayvon Martin and the reaction to George Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict has largely focused on the factor race played in Martin’s death.  The racial component of Martin’s death is a worthwhile discussion and the extent to which race played a role in Martin’s death should continue to be investigated.  Yet, the racial component is not the most critical aspect of this case.  The fact is that Martin was not killed by racism, he was killed by a gun.  No matter how bigoted Zimmerman was, he would not have killed Martin if he had not been carrying a gun.  Zimmerman should not have been carrying a gun.  Public outrage should be centered on the fact that Zimmerman, a civilian was allowed to carry a handgun.


One comment

  1. There are a lot of people who legally carry concealed firearms. As a group they are some of the most peaceful and law abiding of all citizens in the U.S. You give no reason why they shouldn’t. You just assert they shouldn’t. The evidence clearly supported that Zimmerman acted in legal self defense. The jury found him not guilty.


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