Is Libya’s Government Losing Control?

The Dish

by Patrick Appel

Bombing in Libya

The Guardianworries about the situation:

There can be few better symbols of Libya‘s post-Gaddafi trauma than the plight of the oil tanker Morning Glory. On 11 March, the North Korea-registered ship slipped out of the Libyan port of Es Sider during a storm and headed out into the Mediterranean. It was under the command of a group of rebels from Libya’s most oil-rich region, Cyrenaica, who intended to sell its £20m cargo of crude to help fund an autonomous government.

The Libyan navy, whose capital ships are mostly at the bottom of the sea following Nato’s 2011 air campaign, was unable to stop it, as was the air force, which was in a state of near-mutiny. After Morning Glory had shouldered its way out into international waters, the Islamist-dominated Congress in Tripoli sacked the country’s long-suffering prime minister, Ali Zeidan, with whom it had been…

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